Hi everyone. In this post, we are going to talk about some features that are typical to Indian Mothers.

Though the way mothers feel about their children is almost similar for each and every mother throughout the world, here we will see how Indian mothers are a bit different. Also, this article is not meant to hurt anyone. It’s just popularizing Indian mommys to the world. 😉

There are an infinite number of funny facts about them.

Actually I’m confused about what to start with and where to start from.

First of all, Indian moms are over think about everything, be it your ‘just a normal exam day’ on the college or a night party at your friend’s place. As far as the exams are concerned, there are so many superstitions related to them. Like, you mustn’t eat an egg on the exam day or will get zero as the shape of zero is quite similar to the shape of egg.

“Help us Almighty!”

Suppose you wanna join swimming, instead of encouraging you, most of the Indian moms will tell you how one of her friend’s cousin drowned in the swimming pool and died. Now it will be quite obvious for you to think ten times before you go swim. If you are a science student, you better not use your logical explanations to convince your mom because she hardly cares.

There might be certain situations when you will be attacked emotionally. Unlike western moms, your tantrums will affect Indian moms to a great extent. When she tells you that she has carried you for nine freaking months and still you’re using your sharp words on her, you will be emotionally destroyed. LOL.

Then comes the day when you do something terribly wrong, like you have failed in one of your ‘not so important exams’ or had a fight in college or blah blah blah….this dialogue will rain down on you like a thunder…


Okay, this means “We brought you up with so much love and care and in return you show us this day! Shame on you shameless fellow!”

Then comes their over protective nature. I agree that this is just because they love us more than anything else, but who would pack tiffin for you when you’re going to a picnic with your friends?!

Unlike western mothers, it’s really difficult to introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to your mom. Even if she agrees that you can go out on a date with him/her, you must be home by 8.00p.m. If you fail to do so, from the next day, you are not allowed to go out with them.

If we talk about the food habits, they are just hilarious.

Indian moms have a separate dislike for ordering foods like pizza, burgers and all. According to them, “ghar ka khana”(home made food) is the key to good health and success. Well, they’re not absolutely wrong, but sometimes fast food is also necessary.

So these are only a few features which I figured out. These are the most basic as well as most common among Indian moms. Apart from these, there are many other beliefs. I hope you enjoy going through this article.

Thank you for reading.


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