Okay. Sorry if I’m being rude, but parenting is not everyone’s cup of tea! 😉

Hi everyone!

This documentary is all about the relationship that mothers and fathers are supposed to have between them. Well, in many cases, all the things are not same, can never be. This idea or knowledge about parenting is although different for different people, the basic thing is same for everyone, which is to give their children the best.

The most important part of any relationship is emotion. If the mom-dad bond is emotionally sound, then I believe that there is nothing that can separate them. I’m using an example from Chemistry to explain this, because the word ‘chemistry’ in love itself means connection. Haha, funny ain’t it? 

During covalent bonding, there is mutual sharing of electrons. When both the atoms achieve equilibrium, a stable molecule is formed. Just like this covalent bonding, in a mom-dad relationship, there must be a mutual sharing of feelings and emotions. If they are able to do that, they can definitely make a stable and strong relationship. So you can see that how we can easily relate science to our daily life incidents. If the relationship is emotionally intelligent, it means that they are being aware of their child’s feelings, and being able to empathize, soothe, and guide them.

This relationship determines the nature, behaviour and the future of the child. As the children resemble the parents, they should take care of everything they are doing in front of their children. The way they behave with each other makes a huge impact on the child, despite the gender of the child. For instance, if a boy, from a very young age grows up seeing his father behaving rudely, insulting, taunting his mother, he will definitely feel bad about that and there are high chances that he will behave in a similar manner with his own wife. Actually, he is not to blame. His father should be blamed for behaving in that way with his mother, and the mother should also be blamed for tolerating that. In the end, they both should be blamed for not thinking about the child.

If the relationship is healthy, not only will the child grow into a nice human being, but also will be the idol of many. This relationship is yet complicated, as many of us don’t know the sacrifices and the compromises they make for us, just to give us a better life than them. It happens sometimes that the parents separate, and trust me this is one of the worst fears that a child can have. Not only a child but also almost every youngster, at least I am scared of that.

Seeing parents fight, it makes the child emotionally weak and frustrated. A good parent doesn’t have to be perfect, no child is perfect either. They just have to make the best and most right decisions for their children. Whenever they see their children having some kind of problems or going through some hard time, instead of accusing them or spanking, they should talk to them. The most important thing is to make the kids believe that they are not alone, they always have their mom and dad to save their backs at the end of the day!

Giving positive advices and thoughts to the children is another important aspect of good parenting. If the mom-dad relationship is full of positivity, then the child also must be full of positives. Remember if there are even chances for positive and negative, sooner or later the positive wins.

It is very nice if the parents can reflect their own childhood. This makes them the children’s role model.

I would like to conclude by making one request to all the parents throughout the world. You people are amazing! Not everyone have the privilege to get parents’ love. Just stand by your children, support them to the fullest and mend them into the same wonderful human beings as you guys are.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Nice article. Another dimension I would like to add , which I feel leads to emotional tension between the couples nowadays are the imbalanced work life, which is one of the primary causes of having a disturbed domestic life amongst couples. In our generation where both the husband and the wife are equally ambitious and struggling to attain a higher position in their respective professions, somewhere, the family takes a back stand, and since it is still ingrained in our culture that no matter how much professional success a woman attains, If given a choice between family and profession, a woman must choose the family, that gives any ambitious woman a feeling of lack of equality. If compromise comes naturally to any woman it is acceptable, but if it’s forced upon because of social pressures, it’s not welcoming. Hence the society should also change and accept women, specially working women with much more empathy, and recognise and appreciate them and the effort they put in for their family, as that will given women a sense of support and will help them be better parents and most of all a better human being.

  2. You are absolutely right. It is really nice of you to think of such a much needed change in our society. Thank you so much.


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