In this documentary, we are going to talk about another serious problem, which is rising every day.
Unemployability. Do not misunderstand this term with the term unemployment. This is far more alarming and dangerous than unemployment. Before we start talking about it, we need to know what the differences are between these two.

Unemployment is a situation in which a particular state or a country is unable to provide jobs to the youngsters of that very state or country.

On the other hand, unemployability is situation in which the youngsters belonging to a particular state or country are not capable enough to be hired for a particular job. This happens mostly due to the lack of skills or knowledge about particular subjects, or more precisely those subjects which are on high demand by the industries these days.

There are countless private and government colleges in India, out of which most of the engineering students graduate from the private ones. For one post, there are so many candidates. Even if most of the students are recruited, many of them are unable to cope up with the pressure they face at the office during the training periods. They are unable to understand the procedures and all. The main problem is lack of knowledge. If I particularly talk about engineering, most of the students from the private colleges have fun throughout the entire course of four years. They think that or rather they are made to think that they can enjoy for the first two years, then study hard for the next two years. Well, that doesn’t happen actually. Instead, they enjoy four years and then curse the college for not providing jobs. This leads to lack of knowledge about that subject, which eventually makes them unworthy for the job.
In this rat race of competition, companies hire only those who are not only innovative but also hardworking, adjustable and definitely have good communication skills.

Here are a few things that the students can do in order to make themselves worthy for any kind of job that the industries demand today:

  • Complete their educational course with extreme seriousness so that they can acquire all the knowledge.
  • Learn something from outside which the colleges do not provide, it can be anything like learning some new languages which the colleges do not usually teach. Example- C#, Javascript etc.
  • Internships which train students to cope up with the companies even before they get the job.Just like the European and American countries, India is also a fast developing nation, which requires skilled employees so that we can challenge any other nation on the fields of technology, communication and networking. For that, knowledge is very important. Only then we can consider ourselves “employable”.

With this, I end today and if you have any other ideas, do let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.



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