Different people react in different ways, when faced with unusual situations. At times, everyone of us must have the experience of witnessing or feeling some unusual happenings in our lives, which we definitely do not want to happen. After all, we all crave for a comfortable and tension free life, don’t we?
You guys must be thinking what I’m talking about. Well, you’ll find out soon. This documentary is made for all those who are emotionally disturbed, frustrated, mentally given up, still physically strong enough to carry on with a smile.
They say that “failure is the pillar of success”. Of course they’re true. The problem is not in failing, it begins when we fail over and over again. This causes frustration, anxiety and depression. Though these terms are quite similar to each other, they have huge differences. The most dangerous among these three is the depression. A very small term indeed, but neither it’s actual meaning nor it’s remedies are explained properly till date. So, I was saying that when we fail multiple times, we get depressed. Now different people handle depression differently. Some people are really good at it, while the others like us, have really hard time to manage it. Sometimes the situation might get so worse that it can lead to suicidal tendencies.

This is one of the most rising problems among us, the youths. Not only do we have the worries about our future, but also the present. Most of us who are from middle class families, we are overloaded with extreme pressure of our studies, responsibilities and so many other aspects of life which can definitely create pressure. Even if we manage to deal with these quite bravely, then come the critics. People will never miss a chance to criticize you, insult you, put you down and so on. But it’s you who have to decide. Remember, whatever situation we might be in, we always have a choice. Yes, people will definitely hate you when you are able to take your own decisions, when you don’t make decisions according to your judgement, when you are sure enough to tell them that you are correct and they are wrong.
I would give you people one small advice. Keep your circle small, the more friends you make, the more you allow fake people to interfere with your life. And never ever let anyone else take some serious decision for you, even if he/she’s your best friend. That defines your character and also your lack of right decision making skills….

So, I was talking about this feeling of helplessness. Here are a few things which you can do to fight depression:

1) Set your goals. Well, I’m talking about life goals obviously, those stupid relationship goals can wait. 😉
2) Write down on a piece of paper the things which bother you so much and try to focus on the solutions instead of the problems.
3) Pray. I’m not telling you to pray to God to fix everything. Meditation brings peace of mind and helps you focus on your target. You have to pull yourself out of this situation, God can only assist you.

4) Even if all these methods don’t seem to work, go for some counselling.
In the past few years, the biggest fear among youngsters is not death, but failure. Don’t worry. Everything needs time, so just trust yourself and carry on with your work. Tell this one line to yourself everyday:
“Dear me, I will definitely make you proud one day!”
So with this, I’m ending today. Hope you guys like it.

Thank you for reading.



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