14th February 2019, the Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year to celebrate the most beautiful and the most complex feeling a human can experience, Love. For those of us who know what it is, it’s a feeling almost too magical to comprehend. And the day is supposed to be one of the most colourful ones in our hearts. But as we looked up to the sky, all those beautiful colours faded to leave behind a thick air of dust, smoke and ashes that filled our hearts with a little bit more than just a hollow.

That’s how the Valentine’s Day started in the Pulwama district of J&K, India. When a suicide bomber named Adil Ahmad Dar attacked a CRPF convoy. The jawans were returning from leave and were on their way to join their duty at the Bakshi Stadium transit camp in Srinagar when a car carrying 60 kgs of RDX drove up to one of the 78 buses carrying 2,500 CRPF jawans and triggered the explosives killing 44 jawans and injuring many others. The attack has been claimed by a terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed.  

As soon as the news spread, a boatload of anger spread across the veins of all Indians since this wasn’t first such terrorist attack. Although the Pakistani government claims it has no links to this attack, we Indians know the better of it since the mid-riff between these two countries are no surprise. After the Uri attack that claimed the lives of 18 jawans, India had realised that the time to break its silence had come. So, it conducted a surgical strike claiming the lives of 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers. This step was taken as terrorists had begun gathering in large numbers near the Line of control. This proved that although India is a peace loving country, when it comes to the bloodshed of its people, it knows how to answer back. But yet again the same terrorist group that had been accused to carry out the URI attack has been found responsible for the Pulwama attack which is said to be the worst terror attack to take place in Kashmir in the last century.

Soon after the news went viral, social media was flooded with posts, tweets and opinions of people on this. People went all out not only showing their grief for the families of the martyrs but also about how strongly they felt terrorism is a grave issue that requires immediate and effective actions. Some went as far as shouting out for another surgical strike as retribution. But it’s not as easy and as it sounds, is it. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against people sharing their thoughts and opinion. It’s a free country. I do understand why people are feeling this is the need of the hour but it’s pretty easy to ask for another such mission sitting comfortably in the couch of your air conditioned room without knowing what you’re talking about. Being from a military family, i know exactly how it feels to a child. An army is not just a war machine or robot that you can turn on whenever you want to destroy your enemies. It consists of human beings who are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters to so many people too. You cannot just throw them into the ring. Also, the government and the army know its job. They knows when and how to attack. Running a country or leading a life threatening mission is no child’s play. Leave it to the experts; they know how to handle it. They have even started taking steps. India’s withdrawal of the Most Favoured Nation status from Pakistan marks one such step.

If you really want to help your country, other than declaring wars in the social media, you should be thankful to those jawans who gave up their lives in the line of duty. You can even contribute some funds or facilities to the families of the martyrs. The government has a website for that too. Not too many people are sharing about that.

This Black Valentine’s would be forever remembered by our nation and the terrorists would ultimately have to pay for it. Our hearts go out to those martyrs.

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