A Good Samaritan: Helping an accident victim

In this documentary I would like everyone to know the bitter truth of India. Many times we compare India with other countries and come to conclusion that our country is under developed but how many of you know the reason behind this. The reasons are lack of fund, technologies and many more. One of the basic reasons that we all miss out is that lack of “humanity”. In other countries if someone needs help, everyone is ready to help.Sense of humanity is present within people.

When a car accident occurs, the people around that area or we can say bystanders are ready to help the injured person, or at least call for help for example: call the ambulance or injured person’s relatives. But in a country like India the case is quite different, the injured person or victim is left alone. People start ignoring the victim and carry on with their respective work.  India a country in which we include in our pledge that all Indians are my brother and sister. So in this case the victim is like your sister or brother, so why don’t you go and help him/her out?

I’ll tell you why. Because this world is full of selfish people, who care only about them or their family and the pledge, are baseless words for them. If your sister/brother had an accident nobody even bother to inform you and help them. The first and foremost statement you will give is “how selfish are these people nobody even care about each other”. But if you were in the same situation most of you would also ignore the victim and move on. So how do you expect others to help you??

In 2013 survey, it was found that 74% of bystanders were unlikely to help an accident victim. What are the main reasons behind this, why don’t people help each other in such a difficult time?? According to me:

  1. Many people are afraid to be trapped as a witness in the court (as the legal procedure is highly complicated and takes a long span of time)
  2. Fear of being falsely implicated in the case
  3. If they help the victim to get to the hospital, they fear if the victim’s family is poor then he/she might have to pay the medical expenses.

I want to add a point here to call ambulance is not just enough. The ambulance might take some time to reach the victim due to traffic or other reasons.In the meantime, the bystander should find a first aid kitand provide the victim with first aid until the ambulance has reached.

According to a study, 50% of the victims of car accidentsdied of preventable injuries and could be saved if they had been taken to the hospital on time. How many of you are aware of “GOOD SAMARITAN LAW”??

On March 30, 2016, the supreme court of India gave “force of law” to the guidelines for the protection of good Samaritans.

This law is basically to provide legal protection to bystanders who come to aid or rescue the victim of road accident.

This law states that:

  • A Good Samaritan who informs the police or emergency services regarding the victim his/ her identity would not be revealed.
  •  Good Samaritans will not be forced to give the initial cost of the treatment. The hospital has no right of demand payment for registration or admission costs form good Samaritans.
  • A Good Samaritans will not be liable for any civil or criminal action for any injury to the victim.

So this documentary was to clear out the misconceptions amongst people of not helping an accident victim. So after all this, it is my humble request to all of you reading this. Please start helping a person in need.  For you it might be a bit hectic and it might take some time of your busy schedule. But for the victim this might be like a second shot at life. And you might earn a few blessings too.

Thank you for reading this piece.



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