Before you start reading this documentary, here’s one small suggestion: Don’t let your smartphone ruin your precious upcoming years.
Hi everyone! So, it’s been a while since my last work, which highlighted “street animal slaughter”.
In this article, we will see how technology is responsible for turning us into “almost robots”.

Do you know that a smartphone user spends an average of 4 years of his life looking down at his phone?

Of course you didn’t know this because none of us actually care about such statistics.With the advancement of technology, the world today is a global village. According to the last survey of 2018, almost 40percent of the world’s total population use smartphone. Recently, the most magnificent (or maybe not) invention of technology is the social media. While it claims to connect us, it actually separates us more.Millions and millions of people are using it today. It has different forms, the most popular ones are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

The other ones which have become popular lately are Vivo Video and the most disgusting one comes at last – Tik Tok. I’m really sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings, but I would suggest everyone of you to uninstall Tik Tok right now if you have it.Being “social” media, it definitely helps us connect with people, throughout the world. There are definitely some good aspects of it, but the bad ones are much more to be honest. People do connect with each other, but the connection is virtual. Here are a few examples which will definitely prove that this virtual thing is not satisfying.

Only a few days ago, I told one of my childhood friends that it’s been a long time, let’s meet face to face one day. I was really stunned by his reply. He told me, “Sure man, which time do you wanna Skype?” I was like…really?! This was just one instance.Suppose you’re staying far away from your wife/husband and both of you talk regularly, but
over social media. Even if you want a hug from him/her really bad, you have to do it by an emoji only. See how disgusting that is? So, my point is, we have to make time for the people we love, we have
to “actually” meet them. You’re having a rough time, so you just decide to put out your frustration by writing a long status on the social media. NO! PEOPLE! NO! Just go meet someone who cares about you, talk to that person for a while, you will definitely feel better! Trust me.
A virtual platform can never replace a caring person.

With so many ‘i’ pads, ‘i’ phones and all, we hardly have time for ’us’ and ‘we’. Why should we let an electronic gadget take control of our brains?This is high time my friends. Just put down your phone and look around you. You can even take up small challenges like not touching your phone for 5 days….and something like those. Try it and feel life.
It is actually making us unsocial. But, we can definitely change this current scenario if we want, isn’t it? So just go, make minimum use of your phone, and maximum use of your “actual social skills.”
Life is really short you know to waste it over social media. Think about it and do let me know in the comments section if I have said anything wrong.

Thank you for reading.


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