In this documentary, we are going to talk about an extremely serious social issue, which is nothing but the “brutality against street animals”.  

For quite a long time, we have witnessed some serious issues regarding vicious treatment to animals, more precisely street animals, which mostly comprise the domestic animals like dogs, cats etc.

The main problem is disorganization. The Government is hardly doing anything to make people and the street animals live in harmony and peace with each other. Yes, there are definitely dangers when these animals are out of their minds. When they start biting, then the problem starts. Then exactly in the same manner, people in the surrounding locality lose their minds and the brutality show begins. A few years ago, a similar incident happened in our locality where I was bitten by a mad dog. After me, it bit ten other people. People became so angry that mistakenly they slaughtered another dog to death, and after that the culprit one. This was just an instance.

Some laws govern methods of killing animals for food, clothing, or other products, and other laws concern the keeping of animals for entertainment, education, research, or pets. There are a number of conceptual approaches to the issue of cruelty to animals. 

Now this problem is not only emerging in India, but also in other countries. Though it is rarely seen or heard of in the European countries, but it’s as common as India in the South Asian, African and even in the North and South American countries. Throughout history humans believed to have a God-given right to treat nonhuman animals with cruelty. Still everything’s about the perspective. Well, we can change almost anything, but not the perspective of an individual, be it cruelty towards animals or cruelty towards human beings…

Only a few days ago, near the N.R.S hospital, Kolkata, India, sixteen puppies were mercilessly beaten to death by two of the nursing students of that very hospital. This was one of the most ruthless incidents we have evidenced till date.

Here are a few things which the government can do for these wretched street animals:

  • 1) Provide a suitable place for those animals which are sick, mentally or physically.
  • 2)  Set up camps which will promote non violence against animals.
  • 3)   Take serious steps against people who will be found guilty of any such type of non violence.

The next important thing we will talk about are those animals which are kept in the zoo.

First of all, ‘freedom’ is our birth right, then why is it not in case of animals? Human beings are the creation of God, so are the animals. According to me, it has a very bad impact on children who are made to visit the zoo just for some cheap entertainment. I mean what kind of entertainment is this to see animals in bondage? Now most of the people will say that what’s the problem in keeping them in a zoo? They are fed well everyday, there are people to take good care of them and so on.

My point is, if we do the same to human beings, like giving them good food everyday, take care of them, will we really be happy? The answer is certainly NO. The reason is we will be lacking our “freedom”. So from my point of view, instead of keeping animals in the zoo, the government can make the forests endangered. This can not only save the animals but also the forests remain protected against people, who can definitely use that place for buildings, offices etc. but cutting down thousands of trees.

The scenario is almost same for a circus. Animals undergo hardcore training just to entertain us. Sometimes due to failure, the animals are punished so hard that they are beaten to death.

Most of us love animals to entertain us and this has been going on since centuries. So, it’s ‘us’ who can bring about a change in this society.

The main objective of writing this documentary is to create awareness among people and to understand that animals also deserve to be treated with love. If we work together, then definitely we can change the perspective of people in this society one day.

Thank you for reading.


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